The Global Academy has developed a new approach towards enhanced intercultural communication which can be applied to a whole range of situations in the private sphere as well as in the professional domain – wherever people meet, work together, rely on each other or want to rediscover themselves and each other.

  • You are interested in experiencing something new and forming your own impressions of our method by attending workshops or seminars
  • You want to find the right employee for your company and in doing so you become more familiar with our humanistic systemic approach
  • You have just graduated or you realise that you want to start up or to continue your career in accordance with your aptitudes and interests
  • You are looking for possibilities to settle conflicts – whether in a team, with employees, managers or in the family

Creative solutions without allocating blame or discriminating against others are a way towards better understanding. A goal which many people strive to achieve. We want to be part of this – do you?