Gabriele Gail, founder

Alternative medical practitioner, psychotherapist, many years of experience in her own alternative medical centre with individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy as well as in systemic constellation (DGfS – German Association for Systemic Constellations), systemic therapist (SG – Systemic Society), teaching therapist (AFS – Training and Research in Systemic Therapy), development and application of PsychoGen©-therapy, lecturer for training courses in the psychotherapeutic sector, certified HBDI (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) instructor and team trainer. Experienced in one-to-one coaching and team coaching as well as in human resources consulting in an intercultural context.


„The thought of exploring impartiality and the dimensions of perception gives rise to the vision that the space in systemic therapy can be increased by more freedom and holism. Experience with people from different cultures over many years has shown that the systems theory provides a basis for discovering an element linking all cultures, allowing interrelationships which are based on appreciation and respect and overcoming obstacles frequently regarded as difficult to deal with. This experience motivates me to make my contribution towards intercultural understanding with full commitment.“



Kira Gail

Qualified nurse and health carer in psychiatric hospitals, completed training in systemic counselling / therapy, progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson and motivational interviewing, currently studying business psychology.




“Communication is everything, for me everything means the world and this is what we have to discover and to explore with all the people living in it.”



Karin Maliske

Alternative medical practitioner, psychotherapist, systemic therapist (AFS – Training and Research in Systemic Therapy), has run her own alternative medical centre since 2014. M.A. in German / English, freelance copy-editor and proof-reader, co-author. PR consultant and project manager (including the introduction in Germany of the fathers’ training programme of the Turkish foundation ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation), many years of experience as a lecturer in adult education, experience in dealing with underprivileged children as the mentor of a social institution for youth career counselling.


“Being in a position to work with people who are all united in the conviction that the systemic approach is the way to gain insight and to help – this is a privilege. Helping them to move on and to open up spheres of life which might have seemed unthinkable up to that point – this is a vision, a challenge and an incredibly exciting task. I am looking forward to it.”



Brigitte Berthan

Graduate in business administration (university of applied sciences), instructor in further education including work with German-Russian repatriates, lecturer in organisational theory at a university of applied sciences, within the framework of an integration programme of the Otto Benecke Foundation for repatriated Russian academics, senior controller in an international company with responsibility for change management und merger & acquisition projects, trainer in intercultural competence for Chinese nationals in Shanghai, completed training in systemic regression therapy (AFS – Training and Research in Systemic Therapy).


“There can be no doubt that in today’s fast-moving social and cultural dynamics we need intercultural competence more than ever before. I am fascinated by the idea of combining such skills with the systemic approach and of developing them in such a way as to open new dimensions for thinking, feeling and acting in the intercultural context, to encourage understanding for each other, to facilitate cooperation and ultimately to promote a new form of esteem and a caring interaction among the various cultures.“