Many traditional psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches deal with the question of how a bridge between two human intercommunicating systems can only be crossed after it has been carefully built up. But what if it is possible to go over this bridge immediately? Or maybe not even to construct a bridge but to engage directly with the other human system? What attitude do we need for this and what can we rely on in such a course of action? What added value would this non-verbal procedure have in our ever-changing, intercultural world?”

We provide virtual rooms in which you are invited to find the inspiration to make an essential contribution towards communication channels marked by respect, empathy and impartiality in our intercultural world.


The idea-cabinet room

Ideas allow hope to grow and motivate us to make specific decisions. Many ideas are contained in a frame which consists of our values and perceptions. What would happen if we pretended that this frame does not exist?


The construction room

Here we find out and explore what constructions are and how they can lead us to a new understanding of communication. Initial insights into impartiality towards people can be achieved.


The knowledge room

What is knowledge? How do we come to know what we know? How is knowledge built up? Is it learnt, handed down, rational, intuitive? Here it becomes exciting: what constructions will we discover and gather together?


The orientation room

Now it is a question of clarity. How can I find a new or different orientation? In what context and in what way will the new insights be implemented?

The application room

Many exercises, methods and interventions are applied here so that you can subsequently pursue your personal goals with respect, empathy and impartiality.