From vision to creation

It was more than 20 years ago when I began to deal consciously with the subject of human reactions – above all with counter-reactions – in the verbal and non-verbal areas.
Very soon non-verbal communication became a focal point for me. I learnt to train my perception more and more and – to trust my intuition.

The various techniques and methods which I had acquired over the years enabled me to achieve more in-depth access to my clients’ “maps” in order to clarify their concerns more accurately. They became my “admission tickets” and made it possible for me to build up a more intensive understanding of the many different and underlying levels which appeared during communication with the client.

These “admission tickets” had many rules and requirements which had to be complied with on the basis of our ethical core values such as respect, dignity and regard for the boundaries of the communication partners and their systems.

Many traditional psychological and psychotherapeutic approaches deal with the question of how a bridge between two human intercommunicating systems can only be crossed after it has been carefully built up. But what if it is possible to go over this bridge immediately? Or maybe not even to construct a bridge but to engage directly with the other human system? What attitude do we need for this and what can we rely on in such a course of action?

What added value would this non-verbal procedure have in our ever-changing, intercultural world?

I have been given so much positive feedback – especially in the last five years of my comprehensive studies – that now the time has come to present and pass on my insights – to let other people experience them and to train other people in them in order to make an essential contribution to global humanism.

In March 2014 I travelled to the United Arab Emirates to gain further impressions. It was fascinating to see what positive encounters and contacts were possible, many of which have lasted up to the present day. While I was there I was not adhering strictly to the ideas of what customs and conventions the guest in this country should comply with. And yet within a short time there arose a communication marked by trust, considerateness and good will.

In my mind the idea took hold that it is indeed possible to find – and maybe even to create – a level of communication with unfamiliar cultures at which individuals can meet each other as equals in an unbiased and non-judgmental way. “A valuable asset for today’s world”.

This thought was the first step towards putting my vision into practice.